show season is here!

Happy July 4th to all!    

With the Stars & Stripes show just done, it's always a reminder that the summer county fair and state show season is right around the corner. 

Now is a great time to be sure ringworm and warts are not present on your cattle and for goat and sheep exhibitors, keep an eye on feet for possible start of hoof rot. Call if any of these are seen and you have questions - an early start to resolving these will help insure that getting health papers goes smoothly and nobody has to be left home. For cattle getting shipping fever/intranasal vaccine, a properly timed visit means that immunity is able to develop fully.

Call early and line up inspection for this summer! We are getting within 30 day mark for some fairs and close to that for some of the august shows. Either an AHC or CVI health charts will be issued and - one note for this year for shows and other shipments is an adjustment on health papers. they will be based/assessed on number of animals on chart(1-5, 5-11, etc)and also on the number of tests required/listed. Additionally, rush charts will be issued for any initial calls to check animals at or within 4 days before the given show date of shipment

So call early! Your inspection may be closer to the time of show, but you'll have regular CVI or AHC and be ready to go at the fairs.

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Good luck to all!

fall parasite talk at sheep breeders meeting

Any interested sheep, goat, or camelid breeders/owners welcome thursday night for GSSB meeting and presentation by acornembryo - dr pike & higgins on ruminant parasites and proper control and management measures

Hunterdon County Offices - on Route 12, 7pm Thursday 13 November